Disclosed the design of AirPods 3. Take a look

There is no doubt about the popularity of AirPods and AirPods 2. Both generations of headphones found their fans. Is Apple preparing a third version? Of course.

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The development of the headset is confirmed by iOS 13.2 beta 1. AirPods 3 image was found in the system code. Schematic, but still. According to the leak, the novelty has silicone ear pads.

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We can hope for better sound insulation and soft landing. In addition, AirPods 3 act as a hearing aid. The picture is taken from "Accessibility settings". There is a section for users with disabilities.

Image – @PhoneIndustry_
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AirPods 3 is also credited with determining the level of blood oxygen saturation. Plus the presence of heart rate and ECG sensors. Although the reliability of this information is in question.

Image – @PhoneIndustry_

Would you like to see more? Phone Industry, a Serbian insider, visualized AirPods 3. It showed 3D models of the device based on sketches from iOS 13.2 beta 1.

Image – @PhoneIndustry_

Phone Industry has a lot of renderings. Enthusiast demonstrated AirPods 3 in various colors. It turned out surprisingly not bad. What do you think?

Image – @PhoneIndustry_

A release is expected in the coming weeks. At a presentation in late October.

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