Apple Watch will receive a smart alarm

Apple continues to improve its Apple Watch. The next innovation may be a smart alarm clock, which will help users to fall asleep and wake up more easily. A new feature was announced by one of the readers of the portal MacRumors.

Apple Watch will receive a smart alarm

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A user named Daniel Marcinkowski found a screenshot in the description of the Alarm Clock app for Apple Watch in the App Store that says "Set the time for sleep and wake up in the Sleep application." While this feature is not available for the Apple Watch and Apple has not announced its appearance. Most likely, Apple employees accidentally published a screenshot of an unreleased version of the application.

Insiders confirmed the imminent appearance of a new sleep monitoring function and said that it was already available in watchOS internal assemblies. A smart alarm clock will allow users to control the mode and quality of sleep and will remind them of the appropriate time for falling asleep and waking up. A similar feature has long been available to iPhone users. It can be found in the Clock application in a tab called Sleep mode.

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