IOS 13.1 can no longer be installed

This has never happened, and here again. Perhaps this phrase best describes Apple. It is reported that the company has ceased to sign the next OS.

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It's about the recently released iOS 13.1. Now it can not be installed. A similar story with a rollback. Escaping from more current versions will fail.

In fact, users only have iOS 13.1.2. Other builds Apple has officially banned. The "black list" includes iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13 and iOS 12.4.1.

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Recently, Apple has been aggressive. Since the release of iOS 13.1.2, only a week has passed. 7 days and it’s impossible to roll back anywhere. Consider for the future.

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What pleases 13.1.2? The update weighs about 100 MB (depending on the device). The update is distributed under the number 17A860. Its main advantage is the correction of many bugs.

For example, on the iPhone, the “Camera” worked fine. Stopped turning off Bluetooth in the car for no reason. In addition, problems with the flashlight disappeared.

Remember the "endless" iCloud backup? In 13.1.2, the corresponding indicator was repaired. Plus, screen calibration data does not disappear.

IOS 13.1 can no longer be installedImage from

Siri commands run again through the HomePod. All in all – Apple is really trying. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments.

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