Who is faster: iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Apple competitors, as you know, are not asleep. Samsung is especially trying to succeed. Recently, the South Korean giant released the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

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The smartphone turned out great. In tests, he even surpassed the iPhone XS Max. Last year, Apple lost performance. But what about the news?

Now Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is faced with the fresh iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new "apple" gadget was compared with a device from China. The competition hosted the PhoneBuff YouTube channel.

He used a simple technique. First, PhoneBuff unloaded all applications from memory. Then on each smartphone launched the same software. The foregoing made it possible to find out the start time (using a timer).

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The second stage was more difficult. PhoneBuff reopened all programs – check how they are held in RAM. The results came out mixed.

The first lap leader was the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In terms of speed, it overtook Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The difference between them is 10 seconds (in favor of the Apple device).

The next test changed the alignment. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ ahead of the iPhone 11 Pro Max by 15 seconds. It is better optimized for such things (thanks to 12 GB of RAM).

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The victory in the overall standings went to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Although the differences with the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a minimum. Devices, in a sense, are equivalent. It all depends on the situation.

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Whose product do you like more? Apple or Samsung? Write in the comments.

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