iOS 13.1.2 is already here. What's new?

Apple has found inspiration. How else to explain such frequent updates? Not everyone installed iOS 13.1.1, and the company released iOS 13.1.2. We will understand what's interesting in the update.

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The assembly has the number 17A860 and weighs about 100 MB (depending on the device). There are no innovations, but a bunch of errors have been fixed. I am glad that Apple is quickly fixing the firmware.

In iOS 13.1.2, the following changes have been made:

Bluetooth in car no longer turns off for no reason
Fixed bug with "endless" iCloud backup indicator
Siri Commands Run Again Through HomePod Column
Camera now works on any iPhone
Screen calibration data does not disappear
The flashlight turns on without problems

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Among other things, Apple has optimized branded applications. iOS 13.1.2 should be more stable than its predecessor. Find out how true this is – find out for yourself.

iOS 13.1.2 is already here. What's new?Image from

Open "Settings" and find "General." Then select "Software Update." As you can see, switching to iOS 13.1.2 is simple. Moreover, iOS 13.2 will be released soon.

Missing iOS 13.1.1? In vain – the patch has a lot of important things. The battery was returned to normal, it stopped quickly discharging. Recognition of requests to Siri has also improved.

Search on Safari is not activated spontaneously. In addition, a security error for third-party keyboards disappeared.

iOS 13.1.2 is already here. What's new?Image from

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