Refurbished Apple Pencil 2 will cost $ 109

Are you looking for where to buy a cheaper second-generation Apple Pencil, but do not want to take a used stylus with you? Then we advise you to pay attention to the restored model.

Refurbished Apple Pencil 2 will cost $ 109

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This week, Apple began selling Apple Pencil 2 with the label Refurbished. A refurbished stylus is already available for order at the official Apple online store in the United States. The price of the issue is $ 109, which is $ 20 cheaper compared to the new second-generation Apple Pencil, which makes the purchase of a restored digital pen very profitable. The inscription Refurbished means that the stylus has passed the restoration procedure and is no different from a new accessory. He has a new case and is covered by Apple’s standard annual warranty, like all new devices.

Note that the Apple Pencil 2 is only compatible with the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros released in 2018. Also, he is likely to support working with the new iPad Pro tablet, the announcement of which is expected in October this or March next year.

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