32-bit programs do not work on macOS Catalina. What to do?

Apple is famous not only for iPhone and iOS. Do not forget about the many owners of Mac computers. The latter, by the way, will soon receive the macOS Catalina operating system.

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The new platform is already being tested. Excellent OS, but not without nuances. Apple decided it was time to get rid of 32-bit programs. Similar software is no longer supported.

What does the above look like in practice? Older applications do not run on macOS Catalina. Without any warning of incompatibility (as in macOS Mojave).

Developers of problem software will have to update it. Release 64-bit versions. Otherwise, they ordered the move on macOS Catalina. Users may lose their favorite things.

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What software is at risk? Find out just in the Apple menu. We are interested in the "About This Mac" item, where you want to select "System Report".

Go to the "Programs" tab with a list of installed software. On the right is the “64 bit Intel” column. The word “Yes” means that difficulties with macOS Catalina should not be expected.

What is the case with No? The application starts only on macOS Mojave. Better not to rely on performance on macOS Catalina. Look for a 64-bit alternative (if you are planning an update).

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Also among the options is an appeal to the creator of the program. Ask for a build for macOS Catalina. Didn’t work out? Then stay on macOS Mojave (or an earlier OS).

Giving up macOS Catalina is not a disaster. However, you will lose access to a number of innovations. For example, to "Screen Time", Sidecar, "TV", "Podcasts", "Latitude" and "Music".

This is the price of adherence to the 32-bit era. Ready to pay it?

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