Watch iPhone 6s Plus crash out of a plane

Some break smartphones at the expense of times. For others, gadgets survive the most incredible adventures. Haukur Snorranson clearly refers to the latter. His iPhone 6s Plus showed aerobatics.

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It is worth clarifying that Haukur is a photographer. Last August, he went to shoot the Skaft River. But not on his own – on an airplane. From above, Icelandic beauties are more picturesque.

Haukur took out the iPhone 6s Plus and began video recording of the floods. Alas, the device slipped out of his hands and fell down. The distance to the ground was about 60 meters.

Where the iPhone 6s Plus crashed – could not be seen. The area at Skaft is rocky. Haukur decided that his phone was broken. In appearance – no chance of a soft landing.

Haukur later asked locals to search for the iPhone. Unfortunately, they did not find anything. It seemed that the iPhone 6s Plus was gone forever.

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However, the plot of this story is more twisted. Recently travelers visited those parts. Knowing nothing about the loss of Haukur (nor himself).

They were surprised when they caught the eye of the iPhone 6s Plus. He lay on the moss – without much damage. The device, of course, was weather-damaged, but it turned out to be a worker.

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The "apple" product was turned on and the name of the owner was recognized. Then those who found contacted Haukur. As a result – iPhone 6s Plus returned to the owner. After 13 long months.

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Is it possible without breakdowns? After a year in the open? Miracle, however, the device only lost a microphone. Some are lucky.

Recall what the iPhone 6s Plus is. It debuted in the fall of 2015. The novelty is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution. The display recognizes the pressure.

Watch iPhone 6s Plus crash out of a planeImage from

Complementing the configuration of 2 GB of RAM and an Apple A9 processor. 2 cameras are responsible for shooting: the front FaceTime HD (5 MP) and the rear iSight (12 MP).

The battery capacity is 2750 mAh. Starting price – at the time of release – 66 thousand rubles. Now, of course, the iPhone 6s Plus is cheaper.

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