iPhone 6s survived after 15 months at the bottom of the lake

Apple does not say its smartphones are indestructible. Implements moisture protection but does not advertise it. However, wonderful things happen to the iPhone over and over again.

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A striking example is the story from Nuggetnoggin. This is a video blogger who loves scuba diving. Recently, he plunged to the bottom of a lake and … Caught something unexpected.

Nuggetnoggin discovered an old iPhone 6s. The guy pulled it out and made sure it was working. It turned out that everything is functioning. The "apple" product was not damaged.

On iPhone 6s, a splash guard was worn. Condensation has accumulated inside. How did a simple case save the device? The riddle. But fact is fact.


Nuggetnoggin attempted to track down the owner. The aforesaid succeeded without difficulty. Contacts were found in the phone itself. The owner of the iPhone 6s was a woman.

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It turned out the following: the device "drowned" 15 months ago. So much he lay in the water. Fortunately, the iPhone 6s has withstood this deadline.

The loss very upset the hostess. Correspondence with her father, now deceased, was stored on the device. In a single copy – iPhone 6s did not sync with iCloud.

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However, it all ended well. iPhone 6s is back home – safe and sound. Nuggetnoggin acted nobly. Although I want to advise people not to disable iCloud.

It's funny that the hero of the plot is iPhone 6s. Just the other day, the media wrote about a similar case. The elder "brother" of the model – iPhone 6s Plus – fell out of the plane.

He landed on the moss in the wild. In this position, the iPhone 6s Plus spent more than a year. Walking travelers picked him up. They were surprised when the “flagship” turned on.

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Only a microphone broke in it. The iPhone 6s Plus has not received any other damage. The gadget was returned to Haukur Snorranson, an Icelandic photographer.

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