For refusal from iPhone offer $ 650

iPhone is a cool smartphone. Bought and in doubt? Microsoft is ready to help you, having launched an unusual promotion.

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Everyone who passes their iPhone will receive a tidy sum. Bring iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or iPhone X. Microsoft will pay $ 650 for them.

Older iPhones also give money. But these models are priced cheaper. There are also other conditions. For example, you can’t take away $ 650.

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The bonus can only be spent on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Samsung Note 10+. Good discount. However, there are 2 tricks. First: trade-in is valid only until September 22.

For refusal from iPhone offer $ 650Image from

Second point: applications are accepted in the USA and Canada. It is required to personally visit one of the local Microsoft Store. To do something like this in Russia is unrealistic.

In addition, it is desirable to provide the whole device. "Killed" iPhone for $ 650 will not take. Appearance and performance should be at the level.

How do you feel about this initiative? Would you change your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note10?

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