IPhone 11 has hidden reverse charging

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Note10 have an amazing feature. It's about wireless reverse charging. These smartphones can power other devices.

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There were similar rumors about the iPhone 11. It would be convenient to "revive" the shrunken AirPods and Apple Watch. Just put them on the back of the flagship.

Alas, this "chip" was not presented at the presentation. Insiders even reported a rejection of the innovation. However, the reality turned out to be more interesting.

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Informant Sonny Dixon found out the following. iPhone 11 supports 2-way charging. The necessary "filling" is present in it. From a technical point of view there are no problems.

IPhone 11 has hidden reverse chargingImage from

However, Apple turned off the novelty programmatically. iOS won't let the iPhone 11 do something like that. In any case, for now. What's the trouble? Developers want to bring technology to mind.

Do not be upset. Probably, Apple will include an option in one of the future updates. When exactly? The official date is silent.

How accurate is Dixon? We will find out on September 20 when the iPhone 11 goes on sale.

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