In billions of SIM-cards discovered a dangerous vulnerability

Trouble came from where they did not wait. AdaptiveMobile Security made a shocking statement. The company's experts found a flaw in all SIM-cards.

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The vulnerability is called Simjacker. At stake are billions of SIMs worldwide. Imagine the scale of the damage if hackers take advantage of this “hole”.

What is the problem? In two technologies trusted by telecom operators. It's about SIM ToolKit and S @ T Browser. With their help, billing information and advertising are displayed.

Access to the SIM ToolKit and S @ T Browser was granted to outsiders. Hackers are able to send a special SMS to the “victim”. This message contains the commands that control the phone.

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Simjacker allows you to run malware sites in your browser. You can also monitor the owner of the device, make calls and more.

iOS or Android – no difference. Simjacker makes no distinction between Apple and Samsung. The manufacturer of the gadget does not play a role. There are no safe devices.

However, measures for "treatment" are being taken. The GSM Association is aware of what is happening (thanks to AdaptiveMobile Security).

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Experts advise abandoning S @ T Browser. The mentioned tool is out of date. In addition, it is recommended that you update the SIM ToolKit specifications.

Change SIM is not necessary. PPSOS will eliminate errors themselves (on their side).

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