How much do titanium Apple Watch Series 5 weigh?

A few days ago, Apple introduced many new products. Including the long-awaited Apple Watch Series 5. Smart watches are available in several versions.

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You can choose from a case made of different materials. There are options in ceramics, titanium, steel and aluminum. By the way – how heavy are they? Not too much, to be honest.

The aluminum model weighs from 30.8 to 36.5 g (depending on the size of the dial). The titanium Apple Watch Series 5 is the second easiest (35.1 and 41.7 g).

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On the third line is the ceramic assembly: 39.7 and 46.7 g. Steel Apple Watch Series 5 – the most massive. Minimum – 40.6 g, maximum – 47.8 g.

How much do titanium Apple Watch Series 5 weigh?Image from

Recall other features of the "apple" gadget. The device received a fantastic screen. The display supports the Always-On function. The panel never goes out, always shows the time.

What's great: Always-On does not drain the battery. Apple Watch Series 5 lasts 18 hours without recharging. No degradation relative to its predecessor.

A compass and an emergency call also appeared. You can seek help in any country where the Apple Watch Series 5 is sold. Asks for a product from $ 399.

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