Anti-record: in Russia the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max in the world

As a rule, after the release of new iPhones, journalists compare their prices in different countries, figuring out where it is cheaper to buy a new product, and where not everyone can afford it. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max introduced a week ago were no exception.

Anti-record: in Russia the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max in the world

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The cost of the iPhone depends on the exchange rate, customs duties and other tax payments in each country, and therefore the prices for Apple smartphones vary. So, in the USA usually the cheapest iPhone, but in Europe and Asia – one of the most expensive. This year Russia set an anti-record at prices. Prices for the new iPhone in our country were the highest in the world.

The official cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 GB of internal memory in Russia is 131,990 rubles, or $ 2,053 at the current exchange rate, while in the United States it costs only $ 1,449. In Japan, it will be offered for $ 1,460, in Canada – for $ 1,509, in Australia – for $ 1,719, in China – for $ 1,794, in France – for $ 1,839, in Ukraine – for $ 1,861, in the UK – for $ 1,867 , in Italy – for 1872 dollars, in India – for 1899 dollars, and in Norway – for 1917 dollars.

As for the cheapest of the three new iPhones – the 64-gigabyte iPhone 11 – its cost in Russia is about $ 933. This model is more expensive only in Norway – 947 dollars. For comparison, in the States this smartphone will cost $ 699.

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