Declassified launch date for new iPhone sales

This week, Apple officially announced the date of the announcement of the next generation iPhone – September 10. And the source of the portal MacRumors declassified the timing of the start of sales.

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A consultant working for a major mobile operator said on condition of anonymity that pre-orders for new iPhones will be launched on Friday, September 13th. And in a week, on September 20, their sales will begin in the countries of the first wave. The source noted that, unlike the iPhone X and iPhone XR, which at one time appeared on sale late, this year all three new iPhones will go on sale at the same time. By tradition, among the first new iPhone will be able to buy residents of the United States, Australia, Canada and several European countries.

Note that the dates announced by the source did not come as a surprise to us. The fact is that for many years Apple opens pre-orders for new iPhones a few days after the official presentation, and a week later it launches from sale. This usually happens on Friday, the last business day before the weekend.

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