Google discovered sites to hack iPhone

Security experts from the Google Project Zero division discovered a serious vulnerability in the mobile operating system, through which attackers could hack the iPhone through an infected site. The vulnerability is present in all recent versions of iOS – from iOS 10 to iOS 12.

Google discovered sites to hack iPhone

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Google experts not only discovered this vulnerability, but also identified dozens of sites through which attackers gained access to personal data of users, gained full access to all accounts, intercepted messages from instant messengers and tracked the location of the smartphone. To do this, it was enough for the victim to open a web page in Safari. It is possible that links to such sites were sent by mail or through instant messengers.

It is noted that such sites for tracking users have worked for at least a couple of years. It is hard to say how many users during this time suffered from this vulnerability.

However, you should not worry more about this. Specialists of Google Project Zero informed Apple about the vulnerability found earlier this year and the company promptly fixed it by releasing iOS 12.1.4.

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