Confirmed: Apple is preparing to release smart glasses

The next wearable device from Apple will be augmented reality glasses. Confirmation of this was found in the code of the internal assembly of iOS 13.

Confirmed: Apple is preparing to release smart glasses

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Our colleagues from MacRumors found in the special version of iOS 13, designed specifically for internal testing, mentions of Apple's new smart glasses. In particular, the STARTester utility, which is responsible for changing the screen orientation, is built into the operating system. With its help, you can switch the mode of displaying content from a smartphone to a headset. Also in the firmware code was found a README file with a description of the StarBoard system shell with two-way playback of content in augmented reality. It is understood that this feature is designed for gadgets with paired screens, and, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the augmented reality headset.

Note that rumors about the augmented reality headset or smart glasses from Apple have been circulating for more than a year. According to the latest data, the launch of the gadget is scheduled for 2020, that is, the wait is not long.

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