Known release dates for iPad Pro with a 3D camera

In a week, Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone and Apple Watch. But these are not the only new devices that Apple is currently working on. She is also developing new iPad Pro tablets, one of the main features will be a 3D camera.

Known release dates for iPad Pro with a 3D camera

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The fact that the new iPad Pro will receive a 3D camera, the Korean edition of Elec reported back in August. And today, portal sources have again confirmed this information and announced the release dates for new tablets. According to them, the release of the iPad Pro with a 3D camera is scheduled for early next year.

"The American company Apple will first introduce the ToF module into its iPad Pro tablet at the beginning of next year. The ToF function will be available on the iPhone starting in the second half of next year," writes Elec.

In other words, first Apple wants to test the technology of the main 3D cameras on the iPad Pro and only then install it on the iPhone. Camera components will be supplied by Korean contract manufacturer Derkwoo Electronics.

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