Apple Watch Series 5 won't get much change

As we said today, reporters Mark Gourmet and Debbie Wu of Bloomberg shared their expectations for new Apple devices. They said that the new iPhone will become stronger and get a triple main camera, and also told what to expect from the next generation of smart watches Apple Watch. According to them, one should not count on serious changes.

Apple Watch Series 5 won't get much change

        The included iPhone 11 hit the video
        iPad Pro in 2020 will receive a 3D camera

According to experts, all changes to the Apple Watch Series 5 will be limited to the watchOS 6 operating system and new cases. Recently, reporters found in the watchOS 6 beta referring to new Apple Watch models in titanium and ceramic cases in sizes 40 and 44 mm.

It is expected that smart watches Apple Watch Series 5 will be presented along with the new iPhone at the September presentation. It will take place on the 10th or 20th of the day.

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