Tim Cook donates $ 5 million to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook is actively donating to charity. So, last week he donated Apple stock for a total of almost $ 5 million to an unnamed charity.

Tim Cook donates $ 5 million to charity

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To be more precise, Tim Cook donated a total of 23,700 shares in favor of the charity. If you consider that at the time of the donation, Apple's stock price was $ 206.49, then the amount of the donation is more than $ 4.89 million.

Tim Cook has stated in the past that he plans to channel most of his fortune to charity. In an interview with Fortune in 2015, the head of Apple said that he had already begun to quietly donate earned money and plans to adhere to a systematic approach to charity. By the way, last year around the same time, Tim Cook donated about $ 5 million.

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