Will iPhone X survive by drowning in a lake?

Another story about drowned iPhones. Apple has well strengthened its protection against water. Recent generations of iPhone manage to survive everything.

Will iPhone X survive by drowning in a lake?Image from

An interesting case was told by British divers. Namely – the leading YouTube channel "Underwater Hunters". In the local lake, they managed to find the whole iPhone X.

There is a water sports park near the reservoir. The device was lost by an employee of this institution. However, his iPhone X was quickly caught.

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At the bottom of the "apple" apparatus lay for 2 days. What happened to him? Nothing special. Now the gadget is functioning like new. No damage.


After the loss, he even accepted the challenges. For some time he could be reached. Agree – a great advertisement for a product from Cupertino.

iPhone X has surpassed itself. It complies only with IP67 standard. The limit for the flagship is 30 minutes at a meter depth. But according to Underwater Hunters, the smartphone is capable of more.

Did something like this happen to you? Share your experience in the comments.

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