iPhone 11 will get a screen from Samsung Galaxy S10

iPhone consists of many parts. Most of them are not created by Apple. The company makes up a single whole from other people's details.

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The display is no exception. Most often, Apple orders screens from Samsung. According to insiders, nothing has changed in the iPhone 11.

The new flagship will be equipped with a South Korean OLED panel. Identical Samsung Galaxy S10. One can hope for exemplary image quality. Plus accurate color reproduction.

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The above is confirmed by experts at DisplayMate. However, the iPhone 11 will not become a “clone” of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Firstly, the display will not have a built-in fingerprint scanner.

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Secondly, the iPhone 11 will retain the traditional neckline. Reminiscent of the form of "curtain" iPhone X and iPhone XS. Apple will do without experimentation this year.

How reliable are the rumors? We will find out in a few weeks. It is already known that the iPhone 11 will be announced on September 10th. Pre-sales start on the 13th.

Are you planning to take or are you old enough iPhone?

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