MacBook Pro bans flying on airplanes

Interesting news from the USA. Some 15-inch MacBook Pros appear to have fallen under "sanctions." Take them on a plane is officially prohibited.

MacBook Pro bans flying on airplanesImage – AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson

The corresponding decree was issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Under its action fall MacBook Pro, released in a certain period. Namely, from September 2015 to February 2017.

These laptops cannot be carried as carry-on baggage. There is also no way to check in your MacBook Pro. What is the reason for such restrictions?

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Apple itself is to blame. In late July, the company began to recall the mentioned models due to faulty batteries. A MacBook Pro with such batteries can catch fire.

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In total, there are about 500 thousand devices in the risk zone. US regulators have responded accordingly. A fire on board an aircraft is the last thing to do.

The new rules are already being implemented by Thomas Cook Airlines, TUI Group, Air Transat and Air Italy. Other carriers will join them soon.

One exception: MacBook Pro with a replacement power supply. A computer refitted by Apple will skip without a problem. The rest will have to leave the car on the ground.

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