Apple takes revenge for replacing batteries in unofficial SC

Want to change the battery in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR? Are you going to contact an unofficial service center? Then know – Apple will not forgive this.

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IFixit experts have found the following. Installing a power source in a third-party SC will "outrage" iOS 12. She refuses to check the status of the battery.

The corresponding section in the "Settings" will throw an error. iOS 12 will not be able to determine the authenticity of the battery. You will not receive any useful information.

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Used the original item? No difference. Apple matters more. Work must be carried out in an authorized service. Otherwise, iOS 12 does not recognize the module.

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Why it happens? The fault is a special microcontroller. It was created by Texas Instruments and is built into the battery. The key in it must match the key in the iPhone motherboard.

If the codes do not match, write lost. iOS 12 will block the necessary information. To remove the restrictions, you will have to go to the SC, approved by Apple.

Have you personally encountered this? Share your experience in the comments.

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