How many devices work on iOS 12?

The release of the new iOS 13 is just around the corner. But what about the "old" iOS 12? Could the system win the hearts of Apple fans? Statistics will help to answer this question.

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Apple decided not to hide the numbers. The company published a report on the distribution of iOS 12. Judging by the data, the platform is doing well.

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iOS 12 is installed on most iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. The corresponding figure by August 2019 reached 88%. A year ago, iOS 11 achieved only 85% (over the same period of time).

Speaking of iOS 11. She is faithful to 7% of the audience (knowingly or forcedly). The share of other "rarities" is 5%. It's about gadgets running iOS 10 and worse.

How many devices work on iOS 12?Image from

By the time iOS 13 is released, the situation will change. For the better for iOS 12. Apple predicts that the twelfth version will reach the cherished 90%.

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