Apple Watch survived 2 weeks underwater

Sometimes Apple gadgets are superior. There is no need to go far for evidence. Enough to hear the story of Andy Mick, a reporter from the United States.

Apple Watch survived 2 weeks underwaterImage – @Brookfield_PD

In his blog, the journalist spoke about a funny find. In Connecticut, divers discovered a pair of Apple Watch. They took a watch from the bottom of a local lake where they trained.

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Apparently, the Apple Watch spent 2 weeks under water. Other chronometers would break. But the "apple" devices – not one of them. They kept working.

Apple Watch turned on without problems. 14 days in depth did not hurt. How is this possible? It's all about the design reinforced by Apple.

Apple Watch survived 2 weeks underwaterImage from

Apple Watch Series 4 is moisture proof. Diving 50 meters is not a problem for them. Although a long stay is another task. Some luck is required here.

This is not the first time Apple Watch has been rescued from this lake. A real compliment for Cupertino vehicles.

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