Turn a smartphone into a sound weapon? It is possible!

Did you know that some modern gadgets for playing sound can be used by hackers as real weapons? This was recently told by cybersecurity researcher Matt Vicksey.

Turn a smartphone into a sound weapon? It is possible!

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He conducted a series of experiments and found out that many headphones, speakers, speakers of smartphones and PCs can be hacked. So, in one of these attacks, he used software that scans the local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network and finds connected devices with vulnerabilities.

When a researcher gained access to gadgets, for a long time he played sounds of different frequencies, which pose a health hazard. For example, such exposure can cause people to feel disoriented, irritable, or even damage their hearing. In addition, sometimes even the devices that transmitted them could damage the sounds. Sounds creepy, doesn't it?

The researcher shared that today he is working with manufacturers of gadgets and helps them eliminate vulnerabilities. Who wants to be a victim of their own headphones?

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