Is iPhone XS Max slower than Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

The other day, Samsung introduced a new flagship – Galaxy Note 10. The price of the device is comparable to the iPhone XS Max. Asking for a South Korean gadget from $ 1099 (in the top configuration).

Is iPhone XS Max slower than Samsung Galaxy Note 10?Simple Alpaca YouTube Channel Image

Can the Galaxy Note 10 challenge the iPhone XS Max? Yes – according to the Tech Intrigued YouTube channel. Tests show that the Samsung smartphone is faster than the competitor.

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How can this be? The Galaxy Note 10 has surpassed the iPhone XS Max in most disciplines. For example, he was ahead of the Apple device in launching games. On Samsung, hits start faster (in 5 out of 7 cases).

In addition, the iPhone XS Max has conceded in the opening of conventional applications. Watch a video from Tech Intrigued. The product from Cupertino is slower than the opponent.


As for multitasking, there are no differences between the devices. Both are doing great. Although the iPhone XS Max is worth praising separately. It has less RAM than the Galaxy Note 10 (with similar performance).

Conclusion: Galaxy Note 10 seems to be more productive than iPhone XS Max. However, Samsung is too early to relax. In early September, the announcement of the iPhone 11 is expected. Obviously, it will leave everyone behind.

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