Fake Lightning can hack computers

At the DEF CON 27 conference in Las Vegas, a security researcher known on Twitter under the nickname MG showed a way to hack any MacOS computer. He created the “hacking" Lightning cable, which is no different from the official one and regularly performs all the necessary functions.

Fake Lightning can hack computers

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What is the “salt”? O.MG Cables received an additional chip that fraudsters can activate remotely and connect to your Mac to run malicious scripts on it. In addition, the specialist provided a tool that destroys the USB-implant to get rid of evidence. However, to activate the cable, the attacker needs to be at a distance of no more than 90 meters from the computer.

The researcher shared that remaking the original Lightning manually was not easy, but if you produce cables from scratch and in large volumes, this problem will disappear by itself.

Soon, the O.MG cable project will grow into a full-fledged production, since Hak5 agreed to cooperate with the researcher – the devices will become a legitimate tool for pentesters and information security experts. Serial O.MG cable will cost about 100 US dollars.

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