Watch a blown iPhone explode

You read a lot of related news. The fact that some kind of smartphone suddenly took and exploded. Sometimes this happens even with the iPhone.

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Unfortunately, the process itself rarely hits the camera. More often we observe only the consequences. But today there is a chance to see the emergency in all details.

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There is a video of unprofessional iPhone repair. The user noticed that the gadget was deformed. The reason for this was a bloated battery.

The guy decided to disassemble the iPhone – to see what's what. This damaged battery could not stand it. The “apple” device flashed in the hands of the owner.

Everything was recorded. Watch the video and understand that it’s best not to repeat this experience. Power supplies in this condition are unstable. Touching them is extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, the author was not injured. There were no serious injuries. But not the fact that others get off so easily.

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