Apple went on trial because of the batteries

Against Apple filed another lawsuit. Collective. Who did the corporation upset this time? Canadians. Or rather, residents of the province of Quebec.

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What is Apple accused of? On sale gadgets with flawed batteries. Apple devices have poor power sources. They are discharged faster than stated.

Apple embellishes – or hides – battery life. It defaults, misleads users.

        Apple has been named the leading user of solar power in the US
        Apple has registered two new iPads in Russia

This applies to the MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod and iPhone. Speech about the devices acquired since the end of 2014. Also Canadians who have issued AppleCare and AppleCare + act against Apple.

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And here warranty programs? Apple did not properly inform customers. Did not mention the legal protection provided by Quebec.

If the case burns out, Apple faces a fine. In addition, the Californian giant will pay compensation.

We will follow the development of events. Do you have a little iPhone battery? Write in the comments.

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