iPhone 6 almost burned 11-year-old girl

Sometimes smartphones “explode”. Even such cool as the iPhone. This rarely happens, but there are no guarantees. 11-year-old Kayla Ramos from California was convinced of this.

iPhone 6 almost burned 11-year-old girlImage from

Her iPhone 6 suddenly caught fire. Sparks appeared for no reason. In fright, Kyle threw the gadget on a blanket (she was in the bedroom).

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Fortunately – there was no fire. Although the iPhone 6 has burned several holes. Unusual behavior for a device used for YouTube and games (according to Kayla).

Parents of the girl turned to Apple. The company promised to provide the affected new iPhone. As for the burned, he will go for examination.


Apple will study the iPhone 6. Before the incident, it was not under repair. Charging was carried out by a certified cable. It is not yet known what caused the state of emergency.

The incident made Kyle a "star" of news. Watch the video from one of the American channels.

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