Take a look at the Apple Watch interface from the iPhone

The fantasies of some users know no boundaries. Apple Watch smart watches are based on watchOS. Great system for such a gadget. But not everyone is happy with the platform.

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Individuals dream of a full-fledged iOS. They want the Apple Watch not to differ from the iPhone. It means in terms of UI.

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One Reddit fan turned out to be a creative person. He posted on the site several interesting renders. They show Apple Watch with iOS interface.

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Enthusiast adapted iOS for a small display. He showed the lock screen, control point and staffing software. It turned out curious how you think?

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Not without cons. In this mode, only 4 applications fit into folders. In addition, the designer replaced the Spotlight search with dials.

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Reddit audience reacted positively to the experiment. However, we are talking about an ill-conceived concept. He is not perfect at 100%. Apple is not going to do anything like that.

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