The new MacBook Air has a slower SSD drive than its predecessor.

Not so long ago, Apple has updated the range of their MacBook laptops. Touched the upgrade and the popular ultra-thin MacBook Air. However, in his case, the update can not be called an absolute plus. The thing is that the updated MacBook Air is inferior to its predecessor in terms of the speed of the solid-state drive. This is evidenced by the results of a test conducted by the authors of the French portal Consomac.

The new MacBook Air has a slower SSD drive than its predecessor.

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The journalists decided to evaluate the speed of the MacBook Air 2019 model year and compare it with the performance of the MacBook Air released in 2018. To do this, they used a special utility Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test. As a result of the test, it turned out that the SSD-drive of the new MacBook Air has a write speed of up to 1 GB / s, and the read speed is up to 1.3 GB / s. For comparison, the result of last year’s model is 920 MB / s in write mode and 2 GB / s in data read mode. For everyday use, the second indicator is important because it affects the speed of launching programs, opening files and loading laptops.

The reason why the solid-state drive on the new MacBook Air is slower than its predecessor has not been installed. Perhaps this time Apple decided to use cheaper SSDs.

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