New Apple Mobile Processor Outperforms Competitors

Have you already seen iPhone 11 images? Do not like his design? A matter of taste. But the "stuffing" will be fantastic. Apple will release a surprisingly powerful device.

New Apple Mobile Processor Outperforms CompetitorsImage from

The main role in the above will be played by the processor Apple A13. He will be the “heart” of the iPhone 11. If you believe the Ice Universe insider, this is an extraordinary chip.

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Apple A13 will offer record-breaking performance in multi-core mode. The “Apple” solution, according to Ice Universe, will bypass the competition.

The words Ice Universe are hard to refute. Until now, few people surpass the Apple A12. What can we say about a more perfect new product? By the way, Apple A13 will receive updated graphics.

New Apple Mobile Processor Outperforms CompetitorsImage from

Improved GPU will allow you to run the most demanding 3D-applications. 100% reveal the potential of the iPhone 11 as a gaming platform.

What else is known about Apple A13? It was created using 7 nm technology. The Taiwanese TSMC is responsible for its production.

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