Recovered iMacs are 15% cheaper than new ones.

If you want to buy an iMac and save on this, we have good news for you. This week, Apple began selling the restored iMac 2019 model year.

Recovered iMacs are 15% cheaper than new ones.

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For now, iMac 2019 with Refurbished can only be purchased by residents of the United States and Canada. They are offered a choice of refurbished iMac models with 21.5-inch and 27-inch displays. They are 15% cheaper than similar new models. It is not yet known when the restored monoblocks will be available in other countries, particularly in Russia.

We note that iMac monoblocks with a Refurbished mark have undergone a recovery procedure, have been thoroughly checked and tested and are no different from new ones. In the box with the iMac, you will find a complete set of accessories, including the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse 2, the Lightning / USB cable and the power cord. The restored iMac is subject to Apple’s standard one-year warranty, as well as new ones.

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