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72 new Emoji that Apple added in iOS 10.2

Good news for all lovers to communicate using emoticons in iOS 10.2 is coming big update Emoji. In the first beta version of the update appeared in 72 new icons that will be added to the set with the release of the final version.

The first beta version of iOS 10.2 is now available for developers. Several innovations that demonstrate the evolution of the platform is of course great, but what’s with the new emojis?

Among the new icons are for 7 new images people, people (clowns with different expressions), 14 plants and animals 18 characters of food, dishes, added new emoticons on the sports topic, as well as images of new emotions and gestures, among them shame, shrugging their shoulders and pour laughter smiley (ROFL).

The icons are selected on the basis of frequent queries in the network or the need of their appearance. In the list of icons includes a selfie, smiley, who are sick, shrug, and gorilla, Fox, deer, shark, owl, avocado, potatoes, croissant, pancakes, salad and bacon. Will be available various facilities like water scooters, canoe, fight, kimono, Boxing gloves, medals 1-3 places, wrestlers, fencing.

In addition to the new Emoji in iOS 10.2 updated some of the current icons. In particular, the image of fire, of the camera car and the statues of Easter island.

The first beta version of iOS 10.2 came out on Monday, October 31. The update will bring three new background images, widget for Video apps, a new option Save settings in the Camera and some others. Read more about all the innovations of the Assembly can be found at this link. About how to use the new emojis right now there as well.

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