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70 rubles per dollar: how to monitor the currency exchange rate using your iPhone and iPad

At the opening of trading on the Moscow exchange on Monday, the Euro rose above 81 rubles, the dollar — above 70 rubles This happened against the background of falling prices for Brent crude oil below $45 and the collapse of the Asian stock exchanges.

This trend nobody likes, but she will not do anything. It is only possible to monitor the prices, being ready at the right time to buy or sell. And that will help the selection of apps.

Exchange Rates

Convenient and intuitive app to access the rates of purchase/sale of foreign currencies with detailed maps, where it can be done. However, this is the power of exchange rates, because the app only supports three currencies, including the dollar, Euro and ruble. If you do this enough it will fit you perfectly. In addition, the program is on Android.

Download Currency rates for iOS
Download Currency exchange rates for Android

RBC Currency

The app. allows you quickly and easily assess the exchange rate with a clear schedule of changes in value, and the cross rate for any of 36 currencies. Also the app has a currency Converter. Program RBC Currency is free, but is updated regularly.

Download RBC Currency for iOS
Download RBC Currency for Android


Meditation on the ruble. Author Zenrus is a Moscow-based developer Michael Lisnyak, who spent 12 years at the Agency Articul Media. The application can live to observe the change of currency exchange rates, looking at the video rolling waves. You can select a background for the figures, waterfall, forest, lake, ocean. To meditate on the rate change is proposed, looking at the beautiful scenery and listening to relaxing music.

Download Zenrus (Zeros) for iPhone and iPad
Download Zenrus (Zeros) for Android

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