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7 things the iPhone 7 Galaxy S8 superior to any other Samsung smartphone

In the mobile market there is an irreconcilable struggle between two manufacturers – Samsung and Apple. In the arms race, U.S. and South Korean companies to give it my all, rolling on court users with new and new innovations. Despite the recent announcement of the smartphone Galaxy S8 with a number of innovative innovations of the iPhone 7 has a number of advantages over the competitor. Below are seven aspects in which the current flagship of the Apple is superior to the Galaxy S8 and any of the existing Samsung smartphones.

1. Dual camera with optical zoom and the bokeh

iPhone 7 boasts a two-fold optical zoom. This means that the image is doubled solely by the optics, without resorting to digital zoom. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus there is a portrait shooting mode in the style of SLR cameras. Galaxy S8 is not able to.

2. Native support for Apple Watch and AirPods

Many have criticized wireless headphones AirPods for the impracticality, however, it is impossible to deny the innovation of this accessory. Although the Apple brand headset is compatible with smartphones from other manufacturers, it has a number of features that are only available in combination with iPhone. And the most popular on the market of “smart” clock Apple Watch is only compatible with smartphones Apple.

3. Exclusive apps

Many great apps come out first for iOS, under which all iPhone. The fact that developers are much easier to produce applications for a limited number of smartphones Apple, and then to transfer its development on Android.

4. Regular updates and longer support

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Apple supports their smartphones for quite a long time. For example, the latest version of iOS 10 immediately after the release became available for the iPhone 5, released five years ago. Samsung, in turn, rarely releases software updates for their old products. As a rule, the company supports smartphones during the year, the release of the next flagship. After that, the updates may be delayed for months.

5. Stereo speakers

iPhone 7 can play stereo sound, while the Galaxy S8 has only one speaker located at the bottom of the smartphone. Of course, in the segment of Android you can find smartphones that also has stereo speakers, but to all other parameters, these models can not compete with any flagship Samsung or iPhone 7.

6. More options of internal memory

iPhone 7 comes in three variants with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB of internal storage. Galaxy S8 is available with memory of 64 GB of memory. Of course, the biggest advantage of Samsung phones is the support of memory cards. But it is important to note that memory cards can’t boast the speed of flash drives and have a number of limitations in comparison with built-in memory. For example, the map is simply impossible to install some apps.

7. Performance in real conditions

Tests of the A10 chip aboard the iPhone 7, confirm that it is the fastest mobile processor in the smartphone market. Its power is comparable to the processing power of modern laptops. Of course, Samsung also produces excellent chips and uses the best from Qualcomm, however, these solutions are unable to surpass Apple’s A10 performance in real conditions.

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