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7 things that should make Xiaomi to break all. Even Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky offers the most promising IT-the brand of the planet to conduct a large-scale work on the bugs.

2017 was the year Xiaomi – that’s even stupid to argue. The company entered into a plus for a billion dollars, released a few greatest hits, presented a lot of peripheral products (e.g. toilet paper), has circulated offline retail and finally got rid of the reputation of a daring but unprofitable startup.

Now Xiaomi is a giant not only in Chinese or Asian standards, but by world: the same Forbes writes regularly about novelties of the brand, and in glowing terms.

Yes, Xiaomi is still full of cons, but if everything is correct, the Chinese will really become the most dangerous competitor Apple and Samsung will finally have to move.


1. Normal attention for flagships

In 2017, Xiaomi did a marketing focus on two models – Mi Mi Mix 2 and A1. First – my dear berloznik, the second Google phone, released for developing countries. No questions – this is a good soup, but compared to them Xiaomi is poorly unraveled two major flagship.

Talking about the Xiaomi Mi6 and Xiaomi Mi Note 3.

The first one sold for ridiculous money (24 thousand), but not enough in what concedes the conditional Galaxy S8 (40 thousand) and just rips LG G6 (30 thousand).

The second is a great phablet for 22 thousand, which is generally presented as if incidentally, to plug their hole in the product line. This is the wrong strategy – both devices cost PR as actively as Mi Mi Mix 2 with A1.

When Xiaomi was still bezrobotnego and Android phones, the company promoted the usual Mi-flagships and won even delusional, but still honorable title of “Chinese Apple”.

Time to return to this tactic, it is already clear that Mi7 (Snapdragon 845, face recognition, wireless charging) deserves the fat advertising budgets – will be silly if Xiaomi make promotion of this smartphone is a priority for the first half of 2018.

2. Cool camera

Everything tells a picture – rating cameras DxOMark.

Huawei Mate Pro 10 – in the second place, the Mi Note 3 ninth.

In Huawei do have a better understanding of the importance of the camera for users. There are experimenting with the modules attract third-party manufacturers develop their own software for the cameras and doing other things that Xiaomi frankly clog.

And for good reason. Many IT commentators love to make comparisons, blind tests and other battles, and then to find out what the best cameraphone on the market. Today Xiaomi completely uncompetitive in these duels, which is a considerable blow to the image.

Apparently, the Chinese are planning to get rid of the label of the company, which has to be great only to state employees (100-200 dollars). The conclusion is that in 2018, Xiaomi have to release a solid phone, and finally break into the top DxOMark.

3. Grand batteries

Open the characteristics of fabletown (and not only) line of Redmi: the capacity of the batteries over 4000 mAh. Day of active work, two days of existence in the mode of medium intensity – a magical result for phones for 10 thousand rubles.

But devices for 20-25-30 thousand hold less because there are batteries on 3000-3500 mAh. The flagships of other brands also have similar capacity, which is enough strictly on light day.

The question arises: what prevents Xiaomi to take and flip the game by stuffing a giant battery in a top-end smartphone? It seems that nothing.

There is a sense that the flagship will debut very soon.

In 2017 Xiaomi have studied the soil: phablet-the Xiaomi Mi average Max 2 (5300 mAh) received a lot of positive feedback, so next year should go much more powerful.

4. The choice between the shells

Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android one of the main smartphones in 2017, despite the ridiculous price tag of 15 thousand rubles. It seems that owners of this gadget is ready to embrace him in a dream: they praise Mi A1 for everything, from the camera and battery to the screen, speakers and performance. Making friends with Google, Xiaomi has gained a new loyal audience – the Chinese came those who used to ignore their smartphones because of the shell MIUI.

And now the most important thing. Mi A1 is the same Mi5X, with only the usual Android.

In 2018, you can do an experiment and release a “double” versions of other devices. Especially the cheapest of the line Redmi. It will be a guaranteed explosion – acquaintance with the beauty of pure Android completely kills the desire to use some third-party launchers.

5. Permanently remove MediaTek

Xiaomi previously worked with Qualcomm and tried to ignore the MediaTek processors, but it’s time to finally give up chips, which provoke the overheating and quick battery discharge.

Down with the MTK – it has no place in the Xiaomi smartphones. By the way, Redmi and Redmi 4x 4 it is necessary to choose the model with the IKS – are guaranteed there is Snapdragon.

6. To deal with the naming

This item is the most hopeless in all of vish-sheet, because the Chinese remain Chinese.

They love to come up with a similar sounding line (Mi Mix Mi Max), add meaningless letters (4A, 5x, 5s) to disrupt the logic of (Mi Note 3 is Mi6 Plus) and generally behave as if everyone is just doing that by following the products Xiaomi. On the contrary – the choice of smartphone each time becomes a torment, because you need to dig in a dozen devices with very confusing names.

If the Corporation simplified the philosophy of naming, it’d be much simpler. But little hope – whether Xiaomi still focused on geeks, or believes that buyers first look at the price, then specification, and after that – the name.

7. To solve the issue with little things

Will list very briefly:

– MicroUSB – in the garbage, even the available state employees a decent USB Type-C;

Press the unlock cannot be placed at one end with the volume buttons;

– The headphone Jack should be just below. Top never;

And another small request. Phone Xiaomi pathologically slippery. They fall out of hands and pockets, and ride through the tables and touring the tables. Dear Chinese people, please solve this question: to buy a case you do not want (the box design), repairing is expensive, not to drop is unreal.

Thank you.

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