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7 the most anticipated features that we are unlikely to see in the iPhone 7

In recent times, public attention is riveted on the smartphone “iPhone SE”, which should be a breath of fresh air for fans of compact models. But of far greater interest from the technical point of view flagship the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, before the release which remains about six months. Users expect from the novelties of different kinds of innovation, but we can already draw up a list of functions, which exactly is we will not see in future flagships.

More capacious battery

The desire of Johnathan Ive and his team to fit all the components of the iPhone in a slimmer case deserves praise. According to rumors, the thickness of the new smartphones will vary from 6 to 6.5 millimeters. It’s incredibly cool for those who appreciate aesthetics Quince, but many fans of the brand would agree to a thicker device, but with a more capacious battery.

OLED display

From recent reports network sources claim that Apple could switch to OLED displays as early as 2017. It is strange that the company chose the year, when flagship devices are the models with the letter “S”. But the transition to such displays in any case be the right step. The image quality on the screens of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is not a bad thing, however, the experts at Displaymate, who are regarded as professionals in the field of mobile displays called OLED panels more perfect.

The Dual Pixel Autofocus

The camera smartphone Galaxy S7 is equipped with technology ultrafast phase autofocusing Dual Pixel. This technology came from the world of cameras. And for the first time its sold the company to Canon digital SLR camera EOS 70D three years ago.

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In this aspect, the iPhone camera will just lose the camera Galaxy. Especially noticeable the difference will be visible when shooting in low light. Apple needs to make their users of this technology, but there’s no indication that this will occur during the presentation of the iPhone 7.

Water resistance

There is speculation that Apple is working on waterproofing the iPhone 7. But, judging by recent reports, the new generation of smartphones will not get the degree of protection from moisture and dust.

Expandable memory

Perhaps the initial amount of memory the new iPhone will increase to 32 GB, and maybe no. Unfortunately, 16 GB in smart phones is definitely not enough for the average user. But Apple will never add in iPhone support microSD cards, offering to make regular payments for the use of corporate clouds.

Compact body

New Galaxy S7 edge was very impressed by the compact size for a device with 5.5-inch display. iPhone 6s Plus also has a screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, but is comfortable to hold and use the gadget with one hand can do that the stars of the NBA.

Wireless charging at a distance

Not so long ago we wrote about involving the Apple company startup promoting the technology of wireless charging mobile devices at a distance up to 5 meters. This technology will be extremely popular, but it is rumored, will appear only next year.

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