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7 solutions to Tim cook, who never would have approved of Steve jobs

Steve jobs went down in history as an innovator and pioneer of the IT industry, which was remarkable for his ability to foresee events multiple steps ahead. For many he will remain a genius, a man from another dimension who created ingenious technological products.

Similar jobs noted his uncompromising ability to the end to defend his innocence. Some even quarrel with him, but in the end always agreed with his decision. As history has shown, in many ways Steve jobs was right. If not for his fantastic faith in the iPhone would never come to a revolution in the smartphone industry. If not for his iPad that believed in and invested your soul, the world around has not changed with such fantastic speed.

But, alas, Steve jobs is no more. It seems that with him gone the whole era. The world has changed and with it changed the brainchild of Steve jobs – Apple. Someone will say that nothing bad happened and the company is just trying to fit in time and natural development. In Gagadget decided to imagine what would happen if in March 2017 Steve jobs has unexpectedly risen. However, he saw the Apple? What would be said about the current “Apple” of the Empire, its products, and leadership?

1. The increase in iPhone screen

iPhone has always been the personification of simplicity and reliability. Any release of a new model accompanied by a huge boom. Always wondering what new were invented in Cupertino, what else is new? Most manufacturers focus on smartphones, over which a team of jobs. It is worth noting that they deserved it. Smartphones are expensive, but worth the money. Everything is thought out and debugged. Will just have to decide how much memory you need.

However, after the death of Steve jobs, much has changed. By increasing the diagonal of the smartphone to the division into flagship and not flagship. Fans for a long time firmly held to the principle that the larger screen is not necessary and not convenient. But nobody heard users. Someone might say that the need is urgent and the trend of the time. I was surprised that the impression that Apple doesn’t care about the users. I am sure that Steve jobs would never lead.

Last year, there was another outrageous event. Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As it turned out, those are two completely different smartphone. The iPhone 7 Plus is the flagship. Has the best camera, best performance, autonomy and even the screen. That is, there was a division on the flagship, and a smartphone.

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2. iPad mini

Somehow Steve jobs admitted that the iPad was the first product on which he started work immediately after returning to the company.

It is necessary to assume that the Apple he was no less anxious than for the iPhone. There were rumors that jobs was involved in every development tablets. He firmly believed that they will change the world that soon it is the tablets will replace the desktop PC. We all remember his words that will soon come era post-PC.

But Apple has allowed the decline in demand for tablets. At first, the company released the iPad mini, which really found its consumer, and the iPad Pro, rather strange and unrecognized users. Moreover, releasing smartphones with large diagonal just killed its tablet segment. Interest in new tablets has fallen sharply. They were less likely to buy and upgrade. This is for a number of reasons. Many now expect a new model iPad?

3. Stylus

When Apple introduced the Apple Pencil stylus for the new iPad Pro, it surprised not only experts, but also ordinary users. We all know the dislike of Steve jobs to the stylus. Presenting the new iPhone, he did not fail to hint that the stylus will never be his company’s products. Remember his famous words: “Who wants a stylus? You have to get em’, put em’ away. You lose them. Yeuch.” (Who wants a stylus? He needs to get back in place. You are losing it. Ugh)

But the current administration thinks otherwise. Apple claims that Apple Pencil extends the capabilities of the tablet. However, in working with the interface, he does not bring any innovations: scroll through screens, launching applications. No quick menu, as is the case with feathers Samsung, no. And the recognition of the handwritten notes in the Apple devices is not yet supported.

Brand “Apple” pencil sold separately for $99 and works exclusively with the iPad Pro. This company makes it clear that you can do without the stylus, and it is necessary only to professionals creative professionals, designers, designers and artists. Does he need Apple? Steve jobs definitely would have asked Tim cook this question.

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4. Siri

Voice assistant with elements of artificial intelligence (AI), speech recognition, has improved considerably since its first appearance. Now they a lot better understand users and make fewer mistakes.

Apple also decided to stay away. The world learned about the voice assistant from Apple — Siri during the iPhone 4s presentation. Users in different ways took Siri. Someone happy, someone unhappy with it, someone doesn’t even know about its existence. For many voice assistants – a kind of heroes of science fiction films where they know the person, perform his bidding, help to solve problems.

But what about in real life? The voice assistant from Apple knows many languages, can run the game or application, hold a conversation, although sometimes not always correct. For most users it’s more of a toy, an entertainment, than an assistant. If you start on the street to chat with Siri, some find you, to put it mildly, not crazy or weird.

Undoubtedly, voice assistants have huge prospects for growth. They will to improve, to get smarter and evolve. Somehow, it seems that Steve jobs Siri would have liked. Although it would upset her limitations and outraged that Apple almost ceased to improve function.

5. Mac Pro without updating for four years

Updated for 2013 Mac Pro really impressed me with its futuristic, unusual cylindrical shape. Having a very powerful internal filling, savoury offers the buyer an incredibly petite body that is able to fit on any desktop. Buyers liked it very much. Especially the Mac Pro has attracted the professionals who do video editing, work with music or photography.

The Mac mini also has taken a worthy place in the line of Apple products. Compact, deserves a separate praise of the appearance and design of the device. Mac mini came in handy for those who need a Macintosh, but to part with his gorgeous and much loved monitor well did not want.

Both products are very popular among Apple fans. But for some reason haven’t been updated. Even some experts have come to believe that they are not interesting to developers from Cupertino.

There is no doubt that Steve jobs would never have admitted to popular Apple products such a long time did not receive the updates. With that attitude the company may lose its most loyal customers, because competitors are not asleep. Recently Microsoft released its counterpart – the Surface Studio, which is like many experts.

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6. Apple Watch

This is the first product, which started without Steve jobs, it had nothing to do with their idea and implementation. The idea of “smart” hours is not innovation Apple. They only picked up the baton, trying to gain a foothold in this market. And, it seems, succeeded. Smart watches from Apple is the most sold and sought after. However, the sale of these is very small. The true number of sales the company did not disclose.

Would have liked Steve jobs the Apple Watch? It is unlikely that he would understand, why the user to his iPhone, and even some watches. It is possible, criticized the rectangular design of the device in the form of a smartphone on hand. More familiar round clock. Would jobs to release the first Apple Watch with so many bugs and limited functionality? Very doubtful.

7. AirPods

The iPhone 7/7 Plus Apple has abandoned the classic 3.5 mm audio Jack for connecting headphones. For some users this was pretty shocking and has caused a wave of indignation. Immediately the presentation was submitted to unusual wireless headphones AirPods.

Users and experts began to vigorously discuss new. Some predicted the failure of others wanted to try them. At the same time and they both asked some questions about headphone design (memes appeared instantly), autonomy and most importantly, sound quality. Each side has arguments in its favor. Who wanted, have already bought headphones and uses them.

Steve jobs idea to a Bluetooth headset AirPods just would not like it. He even was opposed to Bluetooth headphones and not just talked about it. Let me quote him. “Frankly speaking, music is “heavy” thing. Although we tend to forget about it… If you want Bluetooth to upload to iPod music — get ready to wait. If you want to use along with iPod: a Bluetooth earphone, you will have to charge them the same as the player. People don’t want that. Moreover, also the quality of sound suffers”…

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