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7 signs that you need a new smartphone

This has happened to everyone: you have cracked the screen of the gadget, and to repair it costs as much to buy a new phone tired and not appear so attractive as before, but the new iPhone looks so cool… Time to change? To ensure that the change of the gadget is not just a whim, Delfi called 7 signs that your phone is outdated or no longer suits your needs.

1. Broken screen

One of the worst nightmares of many happy owners of smartphones, especially his freshly — a moment that lasts a split second. Here is the phone slips out of your hands, coming down, and… falls to the merciless floor. It remains only with bated breath to pick it up and make sure that this time, it seems, cost. And if not?

The screen of the smartphone is one of the most expensive parts, depending on model and age of phone, replacement display can cost more than buying a new machine. But if on the screen there was a crack, even if the touch sensitivity of the display is preserved, use the device uncomfortable and unpleasant: some icons and letters are not visible, and about the cracked glass you can even slice off a finger. You need it It is better to consider replacing the phone.

2. Quickly drains the battery

You understand that taken the morning with charging the phone will make one call before you come to work and again put it to charge.

All batteries have an optimum number of repetitions of charging, then the battery capacity begins to decrease, and it runs out quickly. On average, after 500 charge cycles the battery life falls to 20%.

In addition, the battery life is influenced by other factors, for example, “scenario” use. The more tasks you put the device (many apps are running in the background), and how these tasks are very difficult games with excellent graphics, video, maximum screen brightness, etc.), the faster the battery runs out.

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If you don’t play games, your battery should not immediately discharged more than 1-2%. Another sign of the “wrong” battery life when the smartphone is turned off when 20, 30 or 40% charge.

The new models of smartphones installed energy-efficient processors, a variety of software applications to conserve and quite often the batteries are larger capacity, allowing you to live without having to be permanently connected to a wall charger or to external battery.

3. Slow interface

Even if in order to find the number in the phone book, have patience, and after clicking on the icon to start a conversation, you have time a few times to get angry, no doubt. Issue update smartphone need to have.

When a simple action, not straining the processor, are slow, use all the other functions can be forgotten.

Reduced touch sensitivity is also a sign of a slow phone and does not necessarily mean the presence of some defect of the screen. For mobile any touch is a command requiring operation of the processor in order to understand the purpose of the touch and corresponding action. If the screen does not register touch, so the phone is “thinking” about what you want to do.

4. Keeps shutting down

If your phone began to spontaneously shut down is a sure sign that the unit no longer meets your custom needs.

This situation typically occurs when the phone is so loaded support for the work of others, for example, the operating system that each additional task requires the device more than it is able to offer you. In this case, the only thing he can do is disconnect.

We live in a world where you need to constantly be in touch with the unpredictable behavior there is no place. It is unlikely you will like the situation when you expect an important call from a friend or a business partner, and he will not be able to go through, because the smartphone will be disabled.

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5. Not enough memory

Any phone has a memory in which is recorded the operating system and stores all downloaded apps, photos, videos, music and other files.

The amount of internal memory in the phone is different, so when you buy the phone you need to consider that, for example, from internal memory of phone is 8 GB, you get about half as the rest is software phone. And this in turn means that if you use many apps (Instagram, Facebook,, mElu, etc.) every ”bit” your piece.

Also takes memory a software update both application and operating system. As a result, one can detect on the screen a flashing message that the phone memory is full. And no deleting photos and video memory will not return.

6. The phone does not support LTE

If YouTube offer an incredibly long time, if the same video is impossible to watch in HD quality, so you probably still use a smartphone without LTE support.

In fact 3G is the standard of the previous generation, the maximum data transfer rate which is 21.6 Mbit/s (max speed of 4G Internet — 300 Mbit/s).

For the simplest actions, such as sending emails, this difference is hardly noticeable, but if you watch the videos, listen to music or browse through news portals, which are usually full of photos, the differences are much greater. With 4G Internet, the video starts almost immediately and usually in HD quality news open faster and certainly much sooner. Instagram has just made a selfie.

If your smartphone and package, which it uses to support 4G, but for some reason at a certain point does not catch 4G network, it automatically finds the slower 3G network. It happens so that you are not left without a connection in the midst of working on the Internet.

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7. If you still use a keypad phone

According to Recon Analytics, the average period of phone use increased from 18.7 months in 2007 to 22.4 per month in 2015. Infinite replacement and purchase of new devices is no longer in fashion, people use the same gadgets for longer.

However, technology tends to become obsolete physically and morally. Push-button phones are still needed in some areas, for example, if your work is connected with long absence of “civilization” and the presence in the woods and fields.

But, if you do not change your old push button phone to a smartphone just because the fear of not cope with new technology, touch screen, and you are afraid of the bill for mobile Internet, it’s a whole different story. New devices open up truly new possibilities: listen to music on an old mobile device, but to watch a movie is very difficult. Reading e-books on the big screen is also much more convenient. And often I want to capture some important moment of modern smartphone ensures great pictures and videos.

To believe in yourself, you can borrow a smartphone from someone of your friends who are involved in frequent change of phones. Usually they are in the box remains one or the other device. Another option: purchase the for starters model that combines the functionality of a smartphone and a touch-tone phone (for example, the LG Wine Smart).

As for accounts, just go to the office mobile operator and talk to advisors to make sure that the current prices for the mobile Internet does not bite, but they mobile apps life gets a little easier and more interesting.

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