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7 reasons why the MacBook Air better than any Windows laptop in its segment

In June, Apple introduced an improved line of laptops, including a revamped MacBook Air. The latter has received a minimal update in the form of a new processor – Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz. According to rumors, this update will be the last in the history of the MacBook Air.

MacBook Air is one of the best laptops on the market in terms of price quality. In Russia, the model fell into the category of bestsellers among the 13-inch models. If Apple does abandon the development of the series, for Mac fans this will be a real tragedy.

Life columnist Paul Gorodnitsky sure that the MacBook Air remains the best laptop on the market in the segment of up to 70 000 rubles. In his opinion, there are 7 reasons why you should hurry with the purchase of “air” laptop Apple:

1. In three years of use, I never updated the OS, cleaned my memory, wore no MacBook in service and did not put a special program for optimization of work — in short, did nothing to speed up the computer. He worked very quickly — I did not wait from it freezes, glitches or other nasty things that often pop up in Windows laptops. MacBook Air is fantastically optimized for all the time I rebooted it ten more times. And it is only in those moments when it was just lazy to manually close the app.

2. Feels, MacBook Air is charging from zero to 100 percent in about an hour. A couple of times it saved me: I connected the laptop to the power outlet almost before getting on the plane, and then watched a movie or worked, absolutely not thinking about the battery.

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3. The claimed 12 hour battery life — beautiful fiction, but eight or nine hours MacBook Air is exactly the issue. This is enough to go on a two day business trip and never get out of the bag charger. In addition, the MacBook Air practically is not discharged if a lies in the closed position — in this mode takes about 5% per day. And the last fact about the battery: for 34 months, its actual capacity was reduced by only 25% and was very decent.

4. The MacBook Air, unlike the new MacBook has USB ports. You can buy a laptop and immediately use it, and not think about the bulky and expensive adapters.

5. MacBook Air hypercorrection. I felt it when I put the 13-inch model in a vertical shoulder bag. The laptop got almost completely (except that zipper did not zip up) and did not deliver the slightest discomfort. 1.35 kg had no effect — it seemed to me that I carry in my bag a book of large format or a plump stack of paper, not a full-fledged computer.

6. Ultrabooks have focused exclusively on work in the browser and watching a movie. At first I thought that the MacBook Air is the same, but when you need to mount a video, a laptop, except that heated up a little more than usual. The same situation is with photoshop: a slight fever, but no brakes. It is really enough for all tasks.

7. Perhaps the most important point. The new MacBook Pro (2016) is not lit Apple on the lid. 12-inch MacBook too. The MacBook Air is the only current Apple laptop with the famous illuminated logo.

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The main problem is that sending to the grave the MacBook Air, Apple CEO Tim cook offers no reasonable alternative. He just takes it and refuses versatile and really popular computer, leaving only the gadgets of different price categories. The same 12-inch MacBook is 75-80 thousand, and the modern MacBook Pro will cost 100 000 for the youngest modification.

First, Apple has placed people in your OS due to budget laptop, and now fans of the macOS face the hardest choice you will have to shell out money for top-end MacBook, either with my tail between my legs to return to Windows.

In this story the whole Apple Tim cook era. Unfortunately, now the company’s goal is not to please customers, and more effectively monetize their loyalty.

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