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7 reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus is better Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This year, Apple will depart from the tradition of Steve jobs to release the iPhone every two years with a completely new design. In early September, the company presents the next generation flagship smartphone, which will vary slightly from current models. Among the characteristic design features of the iPhone 7: new shape of the ledge, hiding the main camera module, the altered geometry of the plastic lines on the back panel, covering the antenna, as well as the lack of 3.5 mm audio Jack. The main innovations lay in the plane hardware.

“Seven” will get the processor of the latest generation Apple A10, improved water resistance, 3GB of RAM, faster Wi-Fi connection on LTE, 2/3 GB RAM, minimum 32 GB of flash memory. Ahead of the official announcement MacDigger offers to compare the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus with the main Android competitor Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

1. Dual camera

iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual camera module. This technology was acquired by Apple in 2015 together with the Israeli startup LinX Imaging, which specializiruetsya on creating multiaperture cameras. Due to the special filming technology dual camera will improve the quality and detail of the photos and generally improve the quality of shooting. Another important feature of technology – the optical zoom. Now users can zoom during shooting, but only with digital zoom. Thus, only a cropped part of the frame and deteriorates the picture quality. In addition, dual-camera iPhone 7 Plus adds a number of interesting features, including a change of focus in the final photograph, or bokeh.

2. 3D Touch support

The Apple smartphones offer a fundamentally new way of interacting with the device – the iPhone can distinguish between the force pressing on the display. In addition to such familiar gestures like tap, swipe, and pinch, the 3D Touch technology allows you to use the functions Peek and Pop. This new dimension in working with gadgets. With these technologies, the user can view the different content and work with it without even opening.

3. The frame around the display

Vaunted curved at both sides of the display is not as easy as they say in Samsung, because of accidental clicks. Screen Galaxy Note 7 looks really original, but in real use curved faces do not bring any benefit. Even when you just hold the device in the hand, fingertips or the palm accidentally press on the screen. Hand and then inadvertently presses the button, launch apps, switch the functions of the device. Frame around the screen on the iPhone allow more comfortable use of the gadget.

4. iOS

The key advantage over iPhone 7 Galaxy Note 7 is in the operating system running on the “Apple” smartphone. iOS is more secure and easy to use mobile platform. In Android, which operates the Korean flagship brand lacks many apps and Apple services, including voice assistant Siri, AirDrop, AirPlay, iTunes, Find My iPhone, and others.

5. The performance in the real task

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not yet managed to participate in independent tests, its “filling” is fully consistent with the spring flagship Galaxy S7. Last, despite 4 GB of RAM in the tests on real usage iPhone is losing. In a recent experiment on smartphones alternately ran the same set of games and applications ranging from built-in “Camera” and “Hours” to third-party game projects. In the end, the Apple device has passed the tests in 1 minute and 54 seconds, a competitor from South Korea fell behind by almost 40 seconds. While in the test participated last year’s iPhone.

6. More options flash memory

Apple will offer the iPhone 7 with different amounts of memory. According to available data, consumers will be versions available with 32, 128 and 256 GB of memory on a different purse. Samsung offers Galaxy Note 7 in Russia with only a flash drive to 64 GB.

7. The latest operating system

iPhone 7 Plus will come with the newest software iOS 10 out of the box, what can be said about a competitor. In anticipation of the announcement of Galaxy Note 7, the sources pointed out that the South Korean phone get a new Android 7.0 Nougat, but this did not happen: at the start of the device will be running last year’s Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. At the same time buyers of the device will have to wait for the end of the year, before they get the opportunity to upgrade to “seven”. As if Samsung didn’t try, it fails to provide buyers with their devices the most recent and up to date software.

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