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7 reasons not to buy iPhone 7

Not yet officially released iPhone 7 has become a bone of contention. Users around the world actively discussing the controversial device, and we are not far behind. While judging about the upcoming device is possible only by the insiders, which provide a complete picture of the upcoming novelty.

Many users are waiting for iPhone 7 to switch to it from smartphones previous generation. In fact, there are as many as 7 reasons why you should wait for the next model – the iPhone 7s.

1. The “old” design

In March we had a chance to see the photo of the iPhone 7, which, allegedly, was obtained from the company Catcher Technology. In April, informed sources confirmed the authenticity of the picture. As you can see, the iPhone 7 is similar in design to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But except for the unusual design of the plastic inserts on the rear panel. A radical change of form factor is expected to release the iPhone 7s.

2. iPhone 2017 will have an OLED display

Rumors that Apple will sooner or later come to want to use OLED in their smartphones go for a long time. According to the latest data, iPhone 2017 will be the first model with a display on organic light emitting diodes. If you compare the OLED with LCD, we can note several advantages of the technology first. First, such screens use less energy, which reduces the load on the battery and increase the battery life of devices. The second advantage is the size. OLED display to reduce the thickness of the smartphone or increase the battery capacity. The other advantages of OLED panels include saturated colors and deep blacks, fundamentally unattainable on LCD monitors.

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3. Curved 5.8-inch screen

Sources have confirmed that in 2017, Apple plans to give iPhone a large 5.8-inch screen. Despite the larger diagonal, the smartphone will be more compact 5.5-inch iPhone due to the fact that the display panel will not just go on the side faces of the device, but to encircle the body. It is assumed that the side faces will be displayed additional information. In addition, there may be icons to access your most frequently used applications and controls.

4. “Frameless” design

It’s no secret that the iPhone 6s Plus is one of the overall 5.5-inch flagships on the market due to the thick frames around the screen. Through the use of iPhone 7s flexible screen that will bend at the side faces, it will completely close the ends, leaving no faces. Thanks to the “frameless” form-factor iPhone 7s will be more comfortable to use in one hand. You can say that the lack of a framework will make the screen more vulnerable when it falls. But any fall as its result, it is impossible to predict. Besides, it can happen to any gadget. As for scratches, they are subject to coverage for any screen including the rounded edges 2.5 D display iPhone 6s Plus.

5. Wireless charging in the iPhone 7s

Apple in collaboration with Asian partners is working to create new technology wireless charging. A feature of this technology is the ability to charge your iPhone 7s at a distance, without contact gadgets with a charging Mat or stand. For ordinary users this means the ability not to think during the day about how their devices are charged.

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6. iPhone 2017 will receive the scanner of the retina

It is said that in 2017, the iPhone will be new technologies of biometric identification. It is about the recognition function of the eyes. The smartphone will be able to identify mobile users by scanning the iris. Reading eyes is a much more reliable method of user authentication than biometric identification through fingerprinting, and will be an important competitive advantage of the iPhone 7s.

7. Dual camera

Dual camera will appear in the iPhone 7, and will be an exclusive feature of the iPhone 7 Plus. As with any new development, in the first phase, the technology would have serious limitations. So it was with the fingerprint scanner, Lignting-based and other innovative solutions to Apple. The company will disclose the potential for dual chamber only in the second generation of such devices.

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