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7 jailbreak features that should appear in iOS 9

On the eve of WWDC 2015 experts from around the world discuss what new products Apple will show at the conference. Analysts BusinessInsider collection of the most interesting “illegal” functions, which, in their opinion, Apple should include in the next version of iOS.

Jailbreak goes hand in hand with the iPhone since the first model in 2007. Today it is used to add to Apple’s thousands of new features that the manufacturer for some reason didn’t want to implement. Over time Apple started to look at the so-called “tweaks” and to adopt the best of them — this happened, for example, with widgets, function block incoming calls and notification Center from iOS 7.

On Monday, Apple is expected to reveal to the world of iOS 9. Below are seven features that jailbreakers around the world would like to see in iPhone and iPad out of the box.

Flexible configuration control

Presenting at WWDC 2013 iOS 7 update, Apple revealed a new feature of the operating system – the control room. Matte panel called from any place of the OS, providing quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, music settings and other frequently used functions. In iOS 9 can receive all the tools for configuring, by which the control can be made more convenient and personalized: add new switches and buttons, swap, remove unnecessary ones. On devices with jailbreak to use this tweak FlipControlCenter.

Quick answers for third-party messengers

In iOS 8 Quick Reply function, however it works only for the standard application, iMessage, allowing you to respond to messages via banner notifications. Cydia is a wide such tweaks tweaks for messengers from the App Store, among them – IMN for LINE, for WhatsApp Nuntius and QuickReplier for Viber. Apple iOS 9 might add mode quick answers for any application.

Dark themes

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Settings many regular programs in iOS is very bright. The menu and design is dominated by white color that is not like many. Especially uncomfortable light background with iPhone and iPad in the evening. The jailbreak utility Eclipse first paved the way to a new type of modding for iOS. Developer (AEBR) Moran offered an alternative to the traditional white theme of interface design that has been very popular among users. Eclipse 2 – adds iOS 8 black theme that can be enabled from settings. It changes bright white color UI on dark, and the font and buttons, on the contrary, makes the light.

Keyboard for one-handed operation

For some users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were too large. Fortunately, with the help of jailbreaking you can fix this flaw is to make it comfortable typing on smartphones with one finger. Unofficial app HandyKey makes it easy to use a standard keyboard in iOS 8 with one hand. When you install the tweak keyboard size is reduced by 20% and is approaching one side of the screen. If you swipe across the keyboard to the right, the keyboard will move to the right, and if in the opposite direction – the keyboard is moved to the left.

Widgets to Reachability

For larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has developed a special mode of operation Reachability. Double tap on home button device moves down home screen. Therefore, the user can reach with your thumb to the upper interface elements such as icons, buttons back, menu, search construction, etc. tweak WidgetCenter allows you to fill the available space from top to informative widgets.

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The default application

Now in iOS 8 you cannot change the applications that are used by default. For example, all links open in Safari. Tweak BrowserChanger can do a standard Internet browser program, for example, Chrome. With the help of other tweaks standard player for music would not be Music, but Spotify or Pandora. There are similar decisions for other programs.

New shutdown mode

Apple Watch includes a convenient menu, turn off the device three slider with buttons to “Off”, “power saving Mode” and “Lock device”. Tweak BetterPowerDown replaces the old rectangular slider iOS new version in the style of the Apple Watch. I must say that the screen design is somewhat different from the official – in particular lack a matte background. In General, however, the port is made with certainty.

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