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7 great apps for musicians

Apple gadgets are perfect for all creative people. In particular, musicians. Published a list of great apps for guitarists, pianists, vocalists and all those involved.


Even in the App Store and being sold famous applications like Cubase and Fruity Loops Studio, the most convenient, affordable and promising sequencer remains Apple product. The utility has everything needed for any musician. Hundreds of virtual instruments. Various effects, including basic things like EQ and a powerful compressor. Besides GarageBand supports third-party applications and interacts with them like plug-ins, in the manner of Logic Pro X. In General, the first thing to download to anyone who wants to make music on the iOS device. The program is distributed in the App Store for free.


The most simple and fast-paced emulator guitar sound. Thanks to a proprietary Core Audio, which Apple has implemented in all its operating systems to the iPhone and iPad, you can plug in an electric guitar. Smartphone or tablet at this time perform the role of the amplifier.

Tonebridge allows you to simulate the sound of popular amps and Pedalboard, tied to specific songs. This means that if a user likes Pink Floyd, Tonebridge he will be able to get the sound of David Gilmour, one-click. The app includes a tuner and built-in proigryvatel to play your favorite music in the background and to record their cover version. All of this can be downloaded free in the App Store.

BIAS Amp 2

Those who opportunities Tonebridge seem modest, useful product of the company Positive Grid. It is almost a simulator create your own amplifiers. The best plugin that helps you to come up with your own unique guitar tone and use it when writing. The developers have recreated all the components of real amps and made the setup process as simple as possible. They paid special attention to sound quality. The best option to record demo tracks, and even live performances. BIAS Amp you can buy in the App Store for 1490 rubles.

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Tempo Advance

The most advanced metronome in the App Store. You can adjust the speed. Choose the number of cycles. To fully adapt the interface itself. To specify certain rhythmic group and even set options for individual songs. An essential tool for anyone still learning to keep the rhythm or you just don’t want to lose the skill. The metronome will cost 349 rubles.


Digital sheet music book for all composers using iPad or iPhone. The application can store an unlimited number of songs recorded in the form of notes or tablature. Musescore is synchronized with the same product for Mac and allows to access favorite songs on any of the available gadgets. Notation the book can be purchased in the App Store for 149 rubles.

Jam Maestro

Crazy product for creating music without instruments. Initially the program was supposed to help record guitar tracks in the form of tablature, but the developer obviously got carried away and it has grown to a full-fledged sequencer. Now in Jam Maestro has a virtual guitar, drums and bass, which you can use to create a composition directly on the smartphone. It does not need to connect any external equipment. The program is sold in the App Store for 699 rubles.

KORG Module

A very expensive emulator sounds for MIDI keyboards from KORG. Includes a large number of gorgeous sounding instruments from different genres. From classical piano to powerful keyboards to record ritrovata and other crazy trendy music. Only cost here is fun 2 990 rubles, but it is still much cheaper than buying the actual tools.

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