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7 features iPhone 7, which is not enough Android users

To the iPhone 7 can be treated differently. On the one hand, its innovation is not emphasized a radical new design. On the other, he is brim full of nice little enhancements that aims to make the interaction of users with it faster, easier and more comfortable.

The debate about which device is more convenient, more functional and overall better – iPhone or Android-smartphones – are not going away. MacDigger offers a list of seven possibilities of the new flagship of Apple, which is not enough for full happiness to admirers of the mobile platform Google.

1. The transition to digital sound

All the famous 3.5 mm headphone Jack or minijack. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus it is not. In 2010, Steve jobs in an interview with well-known it journalist Walt Mossberg said, “Sometimes when we get rid of the familiar things in their products, people have called us crazy…” “Maybe impatient?..” said Mossberg. “No, crazy,” smiled Steve jobs. “But we need to choose the right technology that will propel the market forward.” Apple believes in digital and wireless audio. Included with the iPhone 7 coming Lightning EarPods, and the lineup Apple has a new wireless model AirPods. It is hoped that Android users will also be able to enjoy the quality digital sound and the convenience of wireless solutions.

2. Dustproof and waterproof housing

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the first Apple smartphones, dubbed the resistance. Protection rating IP67 indicates that “seven” is able to withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 m for half an hour. The same property can boast of only some models of Samsung and Sony. Most Android devices are not protected from moisture. It is necessary to assume that the emergence of a water resistant iPhone would be the last straw that will force producers of “phones” to pay more attention to this issue.

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3. Quality camera and optical zoom

12 megapixel camera the iPhone 7 Plus boasts high quality photography and two times optical zoom. This means that the image you can zoom in two times, without resorting to digital zoom. Android smartphones is not able to.

4. Good battery life

The battery life of the iPhone has long been the subject of criticism, what can be said about Android smartphones, manufacturers do not see preconditions to solving this problem. Thanks to the Fusion processor A10 of the new 4.7-inch flagship from Apple running on two hours longer than its predecessor, and a 5.5-inch model boasts an additional hour of Autonomous work. Moreover, the autonomy of the iPhone 7 was not sacrificed to the delicate design.

5. Several variants of internal memory

iPhone 7 comes in three variants with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB of internal storage. Most Android devices have only one or two memory version is the same Galaxy Note 7 is only available with flash drive 64 GB. Of course, the biggest advantage of Android devices is the support of memory cards. But you need to understand that memory cards have some limitations in comparison with built-in memory. They are slower and they are impossible to install some apps.

6. Stereo sound

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus installed stereo speakers, while most Android devices have only one speaker with mediocre sound. The new phones Apple is one of the speakers located on the bottom edge of the device, and the second is at the top of the front panel. This location seems fairly original, but technically it allows you to achieve stereo sound.

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7. Home button feedback

Taptic Engine – a mechanism of feedback when using the touch interface, known for the Apple Watch and new MacBook trekpadom — is now present in the iPhone. The iPhone 7 for the first time he has allowed Apple to abandon the mechanical Home button, replacing it completely still sensitive to touch pressing Touch ID. When you click on the circle mechanism Taptic Engine creates a vibration, giving the user the feeling of the pressed button. This solution is not less convenient than traditional mechanical button, while Apple has provided the possibility for personal settings of the haptic feedback that allows you to choose the desired mode of operation.

Android devices a long time it is time to abandon those who came to us from the last century, mechanical controls, and replace them with something much more reliable and convenient. The advantages of this solution are obvious: space-saving, resistance to wear, the best protection from moisture.

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