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7 facts about the new iPhone 8 from Tim cook

Of course, Apple CEO Tim cook did not disclose all the details regarding all the capabilities of the future iPhone. Moreover, the CEO strongly urged to purchase the current flagship model of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, cook still dropped a few words about Apple’s plans and admitted that every day he has to face numerous rumors and speculations about the new product.

So, Tim cook made the following intriguing statement.

1. The iPhone 8 will be something totally unexpected

Tim cook, seemed to be convinced that people will buy the latest iPhone model, despite the fact that regular users are often left on their older devices.

In the first three months of 2017, Apple faced a drop in iPhone sales by 1% compared to the same quarter in 2016. Maybe it’s just that the company just became a victim of its past success, creating the previous models are so good that they are difficult to improve.

“No, there’s always something you’re not expecting,” said cook on the program “Mad Money” on CNBC, referring to at least one surprise that awaits owners of iPhone 8.

“For example, who would have thought that you will be able to take photos like the portrait?” – it asked a question, referring to the possibility of iPhone 7 Plus to take photos with a bokeh effect thanks to the double lens.

2. Cook spoke about a more powerful GPU for artificial intelligence and augmented reality

So what is the main surprise prepared by Apple for the iPhone 8? Cook didn’t say specifically, but mentioned two important things: artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

“I think the possibility of artificial intelligence is immense, he said. – Today we already use AI for many things. But in the future we are going to use it more.”

“Data processing and GPUs are becoming such an incredible opportunity that will allow us to do much more, said cook. I don’t want to go into details, but there is still a lot of things. Augmented reality, as I said earlier, this is what we are really interested”.

Updated the design of the iPhone 8 is rumored to include an updated system for dual cameras with a vertical orientation to make the smartphone screen is the window to the world of augmented reality. What is the purpose? To you, for example, could find its place in a crowded stadium or necessary products on the shelves of the store just by looking in your phone.

3. Rumors about the iPhone 8 has a negative impact on sales of the iPhone 7

Meanwhile, talking about the iPhone 8 and its new features hit the sales of the current models of Apple.

“When all the rumor and talk about the new model, many people postpone the purchase, said cook during a conference call. Most often this trend is apparent in China than in other countries, because there is a tendency to buy only the latest version of the product. Although I must admit, the iPhone 7 Plus in China has been extremely good.”

4. Buying Netflix?

Cook believes that by the end of the year current income only from services Apple will be able to catch up with the state of the 100 most successful companies according to Fortune magazine. And that’s just with what we have now: iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, App store and Apple Pay.

By the year 2020 services from Apple may increase in two times. But how? Some believe that the company will absorb Netflix, although this means that the cupertinos have to take on this media giant.

“We would like to participate in this, because we believe that for the user it is best to see exactly what he wants, and to get more information about what he looks – and not just programmes on linear TV, cook said. – At the moment we are working on some original content. We learn. And see where it takes us”.

5. Apple Watch 3 AirPods and 2 in development

The most relevant question concerns the new portable devices from Apple – “smart” watches Apple Watch 3 and AirPods headphones. When they cease to be attached to the iPhone.

“Where everything is moving in this area? – again asks the CEO of the company. – While I don’t want to comment, I can only say that we have big plans for this account.”

It is possible that the development of technology will lead to the fact that the Apple Watch will acquire the properties of the iPhone, thanks to the built-in ones SIM card and it will allow them to avoid linking to a smartphone as it is now. As for 2 AirPods, they will probably have built-in fitness tracker.

“We took our time in improving our hours, and resulted in the second series we have managed to make them even better,” said cook. It is worth saying that Apple is rarely first to market, but their products always have the final word.

6. Apple intends to avoid shortages of iPhone 8

Apple makes mistakes, but rarely finds them. However, this occurred during a conference call this week when Tim cook said that the company had made incorrect predictions about the demand for the iPhone.

“What we failed to do so is to calculate the distribution between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, cook said on Tuesday. – The demand for the iPhone 7 Plus was much more than we expected. What have we learned? Every time we launch a new product, we learn something. And you can be sure that our new model is built on all the lessons we have learned previously,” said cook.

The hope is that users will be able to become owners of iPhone 8 the selected color on the day of the start of sales, because not everyone was able to get the desired iPhone 7 Plus last year

7. The future of India

The other regularly covered the topic, in addition to augmented reality, was the theme of the prospects of Apple in India. And at the conference, Tim cook once again referred to this country.

“While we are still invested quite a bit, he said. – We have a lot of energy to work in this country on a number of fronts, and it is the third largest smartphone market in the world after China and the United States. Now that is available in the country and continues to spread 4G, Apple has a huge opportunity.”

This leads to the fact that, if Apple really wants to compete with other smartphone manufacturers in the country, more affordable iPhone SE can be not just a single model.

More at WWDC

Next time Tim cook will speak at the world conference of developers (World Wide Developer Conference) by Apple, which will take place on 5 June. But there he is unlikely to talk about the new details about the iPhone 8.

Most likely, the center of attention there will be operating systems iOS 11, macOS 10.13 and watchOS 4.

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